Ports of Sydney

Proposed Container Terminal

Sydport: the quickest to market, most cost effective ‘greenfield’ container terminal development option in North America today.

The land and harbour conditions in Sydney are ideal for new terminal development and Sydney is well positioned to capture new cargo opportunities. The large order book of container ships in the 8,500 Twenty foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) container capacity and above means that increasingly large vessels will be deployed on the developing Suez to North American services corridor, positioning Sydney as the first deep water mainland port of call. The existing excellent rail connectivity provides strong competitive advantage for transferring cargoes to the U.S. Midwest. Once commissioned, the Sydport Container Terminal facility has a throughput capacity design of approximately 750,000 TEUs per year in each of two phases for a combined total capacity of 1.5 million TEU’s. Containers will be transferred to or from vessels via rubber tire gantry or rail mounted gantry cranes. Inbound cargo will be transferred to rail cars destined for the U.S. Midwest or transshipped on smaller vessels to other ports.

Construction of the proposed marine container terminal facility will occur in two phases: Phase I will consist of two berths (a total length of 800 m) capable of handling approximately 750,000 TEU’s per year; as required, Phase II will involve the construction of two additional berths doubling the handling capacity. Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) structures will be used to contain dredge materials and provide a foundation for the terminal. Topside infrastructure, cranes, pavement, etc., will be developed as commercial conditions warrant.


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